Naval construction & maintenance

From naval construction to maintenance

Naval construction

CMV Amphibie is an expert in construction of amphibious boats and along with our team we support you in the design of your project until its commissioning.

Our know-how includes:

  • Design of plans to meet the specific needs of the client
  • Structural surveys of boats
  • Search for mechanical solutions suited to the client's business
  • Hydraulics
  • Motorization
  • Support concerning the regulatory framework

Characteristics and technical benefits:

To date, CMV Amphibie has built close to 40 aluminium amphibious barges. The barge design (from 9 to 20 m) must be for construction of a stable, wide small-draft vessel, highly manoeuvrable and with on-deck storage of up to 25 tonnes.
An industrial engine provides both propeller and/or hydrojet propulsion in the water and wheel propulsion on land. This engine also allows the operation of a hydropower system designed for the lifting devices suited to the activity of each client (e.g.: cranes and hoists).

  • Reliable (77 units in service so far)
  • Flexible to use (hydrostatic propulsion on land and in the water)
  • Easy to enter and exit the water (telescopic wheel set)
  • Power (up to 20 tonnes of load carried)
  • Easy upkeep (accessible without hauling)
  • Secure use (rapid draining on the coast)
  • Manoeuvrable vessels (360° rotation of the length of the vessel)

Propulsion mode:

In the water, propulsion via in-board marine or industrial engine (IVECO MOTORS) may have the following types of transmission:

  • Hydraulic: retractable propeller adjustable by +/-65° (Hydro-Armor)
  • Direct mechanics: hydrojet

On land, wheel rotation is provided by a hydropower system. It also lowers the barge by 800 mm and allows the wheels to be serviced, outside of the water.


These vessels have fittings according to the activity of the ship:

  • Handling cranes (from 4.5 to 12 tonnes/metre)
  • Hauling or dredging gantry equipped with hoists
  • High-capacity capstan


CMV Amphibie has equipment and staff qualified in maintenance of all the vessels that it has produced:

  • In sheet metal work
  • In hydraulics
  • In mechanical transmission
  • In low-voltage electricity

CMV Amphibie modifies, adapts and installs new equipment on vessels built by it or by other builders, including change of propulsion mode, new engine fitting and bow thruster.

Our specialities

Sheet metal work

CMV Amphibie designs 2D and 3D parts (Solid Works®), performs the layout, tracing, cutting and forming of steel or aluminium sheets, and then assembles and welds the various parts. The work-site welding operators are MIG 131 Alu qualified.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Photo 1: Complex assembly of shaped hull
Photo 2: Manufacture and installation of safety parts on 90-metre passenger vessel


CMV Amphibie installs complex hydraulic systems on board vessels that it designs and manufactures.

These hydraulic systems:

  • may feature up to 500 metres of rigid and flexible hydraulic piping manufactured within the work project
  • are largely "closed circuit" type with "load sensing" control

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Photo 1: Installation of on-board hydropower plant
Photo 2: Assembly of hydraulic thruster on amphibious blade

Mechanical transmission

CMV Amphibie installs and maintains mechanical transmission systems such as wheel reduction gear, propeller shaft inverters, hydraulic cranes, wheel sets of amphibious boats.

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