Naval construction & maintenance

CMV Amphibie, going above and beyond

CMV Amphibie is a company specialised in construction and maintenance of aluminium amphibious boats installed on the eastern port of Vivier-sur-Mer, close to the bay of Mont Saint-Michel. It offers services ranging from design to commissioning of boats, followed by maintenance service.

The company was founded in 1978 and taken over by Ghislain Quentel in 2005. This company has expertise recognised by industry professionals and now has 8 qualified employees.

Its clients are largely mussel or oyster farmers (Mussel farming - Oyster farming) in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel and along the northern Brittany coastline. They use these amphibious boats to reach their franchises (mussel beds) in this very specific maritime industry subject to wide tidal ranges.

Other clients rely on the technical skills of CMV Amphibie, including local authorities, offshore maintenance services (port management services) or even international clients for carrying passengers and goods.